Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heaven & Hell..!

Heaven is what it used to be,
Felt so good when u were around, lighting up my life with a smile.
Love in the air, music in the ears, peace in my mind,
each day used to be so different and so exciting,
had courage, had dreams, had hopes n strength, after all i had U,
no fear, no worries, no pain, no doubts, never been alone!
U were always there to share, always felt so safe & secured.

Hell is what it is now,
Ever since u had gone, everyday is just the same,
no love, no music, no peace, no joy, no happiness,
terrified with fear, lost the faith & the strength,
nights are so long without dreams,
Heart is so heavy filled with pain & despair,
missing u when something good happens,
n when something really bothering,
each day am living to die & dying to live,
holding on to the memories of what it used to be..

© Copyright 2011 Mitha’s All rights reserved.


  1. d decision of heaven and hell z in ur hands:) exp speaks...even in hell i c d heaven:)...simple..after all its one life and one love:) & love gives d strength to bare it....

  2. The hell is so touching... But this damn thing brings back the memory of all the good time you had with some close friends whom you miss... Loved it Madhu... Keep writing!!!

  3. Thanks Amal!! Will try n do my best..:)