Sunday, January 30, 2011

I & Me..!

I am not what u think i am!!

I is what i am to you,
Me is what i am to me, to myself & to my heart..!
All I do is try to please others n hurt Me ;
Me never quite agrees with I,
Me has desire : I has priorities,
When Me hates : I likes it,
When Me loves : I refuses to accept it,
When Me has fear : I uses its courage,
When Me demands : I controls,
When Me has so much to say : I keeps quiet,
When Me is sad : I wears a smile,
When Me is happy : I cries in Joy,
When I gives up : Me pushes,
When Me is hurt : I protects it,
When I is hurt : Me gives Faith,
When Me has a dream : I goes for it,
When Me has None : I has so many friends,
When I dies : Me dies,
But when Me dies : I lives in the memories of others.
Me confides in I : I only trust Me,
No one knows Me except I, Nobody understands them like them, but only them,
Though Me & I fights with each other, hates one another, still stays together...

If we starts seeing I & Me as U & Me, life makes it more easy..
Though we have our differences, fights, arguments, when we know each other nothing is gonna change but the Love, that will bind us together indefinitely forever...

~ Mitha

© Copyright 2011 Mitha’s All rights reserved.